5 rules that will save your hair even in the dead of winter

Stay in the cold leads to dullness and brittleness of hair

Winter cold not only affect mood and health, but also on the condition of the hair. Dullness, breakage and even more hair loss problems like which leads to stay in the cold. Experts have found out how to help the hair with minimal losses to survive this winter, reports the Cosmo.

1. Not my head in hot water

Than cooler the water that you wash your hair, the less hair will suffer while going outside. The temperature in winter should be kept to a minimum, and the habit of washing the head with water at room temperature will affect not only hair, but also on the sebaceous glands: the hotter the water in which you wash the hair, the head gets dirty faster.

2. Add vitamins A and E in your conditioning

The benefits of vitamins A and E essential not only for skin but for hair. The fact that they are powerful antioxidants and increase the protective properties of fabrics. To make winter maintenance more efficient, you can buy these vitamins in capsules and add them to the mask or conditioner. Regular use balms with vitamins A and E enhance the ability of the hair to withstand the cold and temperature changes.

3. Drink more water

Wet the hair should be not only inside but also outside. How water affects our hair? Temperature extremes, dry air and heating almost guarantee them brittle, but if you drink plenty of fluids, hair will be moisturized from the inside.

4. Don’t go out after heat styling

On the cold, experts advise to give up the heat styling at all, but if so can’t wait to curl hair with a Curling iron or straighten it, make it advisable at least for an hour before leaving the house: the hair has time to cool and will not suffer from sudden changes of temperature.

5. Use thermal protection and oil

Thermal protection is able to save not only the hair from the hot impact dryers and Curling irons, but also from the cold. After each shampooing, apply this product throughout length of hair. Also, do not interfere and nourishing oils create a protective film close the scales of the hair and helps the curls to Shine even in the dead of winter.


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