A new generation of AirPods has been revealed in the photos with some changes

Yesterday they sent us a series of photos showing the new generation of AirPod prototypes. As we can see, it retains the previous generation’s semi-in-ear design and small size. This design should improve the noise reduction functions. The source said they were cheaper than the previous version.

Some sources said Apple will release new versions of the iPad Pro, AirTags, and AirPods in March. The new models of the Apple Mac series with Apple Silicon and the cheaper version of the AirPods Max are not expected to appear in March.

New design of AirPods

In any case, in the photos we can see that there is a pressure relief hole on the top of the headset, a microphone receiving hole on the outside and an infrared distance sensor and a pressure relief hole on the inside.

This headset can combine some of the current features of AirPods2 and AirPods Pro, such as: B. the simplified design and the semi-in-ear structure. However, the stem of these headphones is a little longer than the AirPods Pro. It maintains the pressure-sensitive touch and supports ANC (Active Noise Reduction).

The source revealed that using Apple’s new AirPods will be more stable than the original AirPods and AirPods2. They can be used with removable earbuds to enhance the passive physical noise reduction effect. (You can choose between active and passive noise reduction). The headset will feature a new generation of H2 chipsets to further reduce size and power consumption.

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The charging case of this headset is similar to that of the Pro. However, it is a bit smaller and has a charge indicator in front of the case. This charging box also supports wireless charging.

In terms of battery life, this new generation of AirPods with the box has a total playtime of around 24 hours based on the data we have, which is in line with what we saw on AirPods 2.

In other ways, the new generation AirPods are expected to have the same dynamic unit as the AirPods Pro. It should also have a small optimization as well as a size of the speaker unit of about 11 mm. The multisensor design was adapted to a smaller volume. The new AirPods cost around $ 150.