According to this patent, the first OnePlus watch is very different from the Apple Watch

To this day, we weren’t sure what the first OnePlus watch would look like. Would it be a simple and limited watch like a Fitband or a watch with less autonomy but more sophisticated functions? Would it have a classic design or would it be inspired by the Apple Watch? Today we clarify this doubt.

This OnePlus patent reveals the design of the first OnePlus smartwatch

Knowing the history of the similarities between the OnePlus and Oppo devices, one of the biggest fears we had about the first OnePlus smartwatch was that it would be a watch similar to the Oppo Watch, a watch with it obvious similarities to the Apple Watch. But luckily, it looks like it won’t, at least not according to the company’s most recent patent.

Today we know through a technology news exclusivity what the design of the first OnePlus watch could be. This design was submitted by OnePlus itself to the German Patent and Registration Office DPMA.

The design consists of a round clock with a considerable aspect ratio and a bezel that at first glance appears to be part of the same glass, a design similar to that of the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Two models can be seen on the bracelets, one made of silicone similar to the Apple Watch and one made of leather. The anchoring of the straps appears to be standard rather than proprietary, a decision that deserves our applause.

This should be the design of the OnePlus watch according to the OnePlus patent information.

On the side we see two physical buttons as well as an apparent column. Shown below are biometric sensors and two charging pens that rule out the possibility of wireless charging being the most advanced watch on the market.

We don’t know about the operating system or its tech features, but expect to know and do all the details over the weeks and the upcoming release date.