Apple applies for a patent for the new Apple Pencil function

Apple has pending a patent that can change how you use Apple Pencil. The patent, entitled “Multipurpose Pen with Interchangeable Modules,” relates to the nibs used in Apple Pencil. There are several reasons an Apple Pencil user might want to change the pen tip (with all due respect to the late Steve Jobs). First, the current tip of the digital pen may be worn out and needs to be replaced. Another reason to change the tips of the Apple pen is to change the functionality of the accessory.

Apple signs important patent for the Apple Pencil digital writing instrument

Or, as Apple explains in the patent, “The pen offers the ability to use various removable components, such as removable functional modules that cover a port for charging and communicating with the pen. Each of the different removable components provides different functions for the user accesses several resources via each of the various function modules. “

Apple’s newest patent illustration

Some of the changes Apple makes in the patent include “color, shape, thickness, size, gloss, or opacity.” The tip (referred to as the “end connector” in the patent) would be detachable from the main body and would have multiple sensors. A tactile sensor detects when the tip touches a surface. Other sensors listed in the patent include a “contact sensor, capacitive sensor, touch sensor, camera, piezoelectric sensor, pressure sensor, or photodiode”.

Other possible features of the accessory could be an orientation detector, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a biometric reader, a screen, a switch, a button, a loudspeaker, a compass, a microphone, a camera or a voice coil. Apple currently offers two different generations of Apple Pencils that are compatible with some iPad models. Offering interchangeable tips may not only be a revenue driver for Apple, but it may also be an easy way for users to expand the capabilities of the accessory. The question is, will Apple add support for Apple Pencil to the iPhone? Something like Samsung with its multifunctional S-pen that now works with the 6.8-inch screen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

While there have been rumors for years that the Apple Pencil is reaching the iPhone, it hasn’t happened yet. Is Apple trying to honor the memory of its late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs? The executive director is known for abandoning the use of a pen when he launched the iPhone in January 2007. At the time, many smartphones came with a stylus that made it easier for the user to navigate the user interface. It should be noted that these pens weren’t as multifunctional as today’s digital pens. Most were made of plastic with a sharp point.

There are a few manufacturers who make phones with a stylus. A popular mid-range model is the LG Stylo, which is expected to hit the market earlier this year in a 5G M version, which will be the seventh generation of the model. Last year Motorola launched the mid-range Moto G Stylus.

Just because Apple has registered a patent for this technology doesn’t mean it will be used. Still, it seems to be beneficial for users and Apple to offer interchangeable tips for the Apple Pencil. The patent number is 10,921,907 and the technology was originally registered by Apple in April 2017.

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