Apple hires former employees of a competitor

Technogiant requires professionals in the development of wireless technologies and artificial intelligence

Apple нанимает бывших сотрудников конкурента

Apple is actively recruiting former employees of Qualcomm for the development of wireless components and processors for their products, according to Bloomberg.

According to the publication, this month, Apple published 10 jobs associated with the development of chips for San Diego, where Qualcomm is located. The tech giant noted that the engineers for working with different types of chip components, including specialists in the development of processor technologies artificial intelligence Neural Engine and modems.

Apple is actively seeking engineers of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, LTE and others, that may signal renewed efforts supercinski the company to develop its own modems.

Starting in 2011, Apple used the modems from Qualcomm, but in 2017, he added one more vendor Intel Corp. Later, because of lawsuits and conflict between companies giant Apple completely refused the services of Qualcomm.

Today Apple targets professionals in areas where its competitors. In particular, in Portland(Intel), Austin (Advanced Micro Devices), Orlando (AMD), Haifa in Israel (Intel ), Munich, Germany (Infineon Technologies AG) and other regions of the world.

It is worth noting that last month the international trade Commission USA (ITC) recognized that the production of the iPhone violates one of the patents Qualcomm, but the import of smartphones, which insisted that the chip-maker, was not banned.

Earlier it became known that the company is chip maker Qualcomm accused Apple of stealing its commercial secrets and their subsequent transfer to a competitor of Intel.

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