Called the most dangerous profession in Ukraine

In November, the profession with the most dangerous working conditions were the profession of a driver. For the month recorded 8 injuries.

Назвали самые опасные профессии в Украине

Drivers with dangerous working conditions, additional leave. This is 28 days for those behind the wheel of the truck. For drivers of electric and autotelic to work on the spill of metal and slag dumps provide a further 14 days leave. The drivers on the manufacture can get from 4 days optional depending on the shop, writes

In the 3rd quarter of 2018 drivers with hazardous working conditions, they had an average of 15 thousand UAH per month. At the same time, professionals in the field of transport is most popular in Ukraine after sales personnel. Great demand for them abroad. There are willing to pay more than 1 thousand euros.

Author: olx.uaНазвали самые опасные профессии в Украинеthe Most dangerous profession concrete worker. He average pay 17.5 thousand UAH.

Another profession with dangerous conditions was an electrician. For them, the state has allocated an additional 14 days leave. Electricians earn an average of 11 thousand UAH of a salary.

Dangerous was also the profession of Mason. In a month it receives an average of 17.5 thousand UAH. Concrete workers engaged in crushing plants, you can take an additional 2 weeks.

In addition, dangerous conditions of work for locksmiths. They pay 10 thousand UAH salary. In most enterprises, they provide another 14 days of leave.

Loader mining was also included in the rating of dangerous works. In the 3rd quarter they were paid, on average, 7 thousand UAH. Usually in the mining industry have a further 14 days leave.

Apart from providing additional leave, for enterprises with heavy, harmful and hazardous working conditions, the employer shall issue protective clothing, cleaning and disinfecting remedies. For some types of workers provided medical examination, it shall pay the enterprise.

How many are the representatives of dangerous professions in Ukraine:

  • Mason — 17 500 UAH 14 days;
  • Truck driver — 15 000 UAH, 7 days;
  • Crane operator — 12 500 UAH, 14 days;
  • Welder — 12 000 UAH, 14 days;
  • Electrician — UAH 11 000, 14 days;
  • Locksmith — UAH 10 000, 14 days;
  • Loader the mining industry — UAH 7000, 14 days.
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