DJ NANA sunbathing in the Maldives in skimpy bikini

DJ NANA загорает на Мальдивах в откровенном бикини

Ex-member of the group NIKITA was bored on heat

DJ NANA has posted on his page in Instagram post, which complained about the weather in Kiev.

Ex-member of the group NIKITA asked a climatic refuge in the Maldives.

“Just went outside, and immediately had the idea to ask for a climatic refuge in the Maldives (photo from Miami to attract energy) Who’s with me?” — posted online star accompanied the message with a picture in which she poses on the beach in a swimsuit.

Members DJ NANA immediately appreciated the frame and began to write odes praising her figure.

“You dope!”, “Beauty!”, “A great figure!” — I wrote to the followers of a celebrity. And some even wished Anastasia marriage. Apparently due to the fact that it too often puts your daring photos.


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