Google Photos greatly improves photo and video editing

Google Photos launched its new photo editor in Spain last October. This editor has a new user interface and a number of new functions with which you can edit images optimally. Google continues to improve this editor with a number of new features that focus on videos.

In a statement on its website, Google announced the improvements that were being made to this editor for Google Photos. Thanks to these improvements, it is not only possible to edit images better, but also to improve video editing in the application.

The Google Photos editor just keeps getting better

Photo editing was improved in the previous update, and now it’s time for video editing which is getting a number of improvements. The application brings a new video editor in which we can do more actions. In addition to cropping, stabilizing, and rotating videos, you can change perspective, add filters, and apply filters (including brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth), and much more.

There are more than 30 different functions that you can use to edit the videos in the application for the best possible result. This new video editor is now available in the iOS application and will reach all Android users in the coming weeks.

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Resources for Google One users

In addition, some of the features are already available in Pixel for users with Google One subscription. These improvements in the application editor include effects that transform machine learning images. Portrait Blur can blur the background after shooting, and Portrait Light can improve the lighting of faces in portraits.

Blur and color functions are already available in Google Photos. You can use them in photos that were taken in portrait orientation. Google One users can apply these effects to more photos of people, including those that weren’t taken in smartphone portrait mode, such as old photos.

Those with a Google One subscription have access to more effects and filters to enhance photos easily with the simple touch of a button. These improvements will be made available to these users in the coming days.