Here’s how to see the sessions started on your Instagram account

Security in applications like Instagram is essential for all users. Many users fear that someone will log into their account without permission, without the account owner even knowing what happened. Fortunately, the social network has tools that make it easy to manage security and privacy.

If you suspect that someone has logged into your Instagram account without permission, the social network has a tool that you can use to check if this has happened.

There is an option that allows you to see what sessions have started on your account so that you can check if your suspicions are true.

Check out the sessions that started on Instagram

Instagram keeps track of where you started all sessions. The social network shows the time the session started, the device used and the location, not only the name, but also a map with the workplace where it was accessed. This is useful information to find out if someone has joined the social network without our permission. The following steps are:

Open Instagram on your smartphone. Touch the profile photo. Click the icon with the three horizontal stripes. Go to Settings. Security area. Activity and registration section. Check to see if there is an active session that is not yours. If so, click Finish.

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This method is very simple and allows you to have information about the sessions in your account. Provide sufficient details about this session so that you can easily identify those who do not belong to you. If there is a session other than yours, it will confirm the suspicion that someone entered your account without permission.

To prevent someone from entering, they can improve the security of the app by using a new password or enabling two-step verification. This prevents someone from entering your profile without permission.