How do I install Android 12 DP1 on a compatible smartphone?

After the official presentation of Android 12, however, it is already possible to test the new version of the Google operating system in the development phase. Don’t forget that even before the beta we are facing very early releases.

We recommend that you install Developer Preview 1 on Android 12 first, and then on a terminal other than your primary phone.

List of compatible smartphones

At this point, and at least until the beta phase, we need a pixel to be able to use Android 12. These are the compatible ones.

Pixel 3/3 XLPixel 3a / 3a XLPixel 4/4 XLPixel 4a / 4a 5GPixel 5

How to install Android 12 on a compatible smartphone

There are many ways to install a version of Android using factory images or OTAs. However, we recommend the simplest one.

Before you begin, you must have the ADB executables installed:

Then we need to do the following:

We open Chrome on the computer. We open the link to the Android Flash Tool. We connect the Pixel to the PC with a USB-C cable. We select the pixel from the list of connected devices. We select the version of the software we want The ID for Android 12 is: 7145137 if we want to format the device or block the bootloader. Click the Install button. Click on Confirm. We followed the instructions on the screen.

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When we’re done, we need to disconnect the smartphone from the computer if this is shown on the Google Chrome tab.

Do you have one of the specified pixel models? You can now test Android 12!