New update for Android Auto brings voice assistant and background images

The Android Auto-Update contains a shortcut to start the Google Assistant in the application as well as new wallpapers.

The latest Android Auto update includes features that further improve the versatility as a mirroring application on your Android smartphone for compatible infotainment systems. The update includes a shortcut to start the Google Assistant in the application, as well as new wallpapers.

With the new shortcut to the assistant in Android Auto, users can easily add a shortcut to launch the Google Assistant to perform various tasks through the app. This includes quickly calling someone in your contacts or requesting navigation assistance, as well as many other activities that can trigger the assistant’s action. This new shortcut feature helps fully integrate Android Auto to provide wider breadth and services than they would using your Android smartphone, which is very interesting.

Late last year, some tenants claimed that Google would be working on adding wallpapers for an upcoming Android Auto update so that users could use a variety of wallpapers. Recent comments and pictures posted by users on Reddit show that Google actually introduced this feature as users provided pictures as evidence of their claims. However, with this new updated option for wallpapers, users will not be able to select photos from the gallery as wallpapers in Android Auto – at least in this latest update.

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The wallpapers contain a number of themes that can be accessed through the Android Auto application’s settings. You can easily change your wallpaper by selecting Choose a wallpaper from the Settings menu.

To get these new features, you must first update your application to the latest version of Android Auto and wait for the new features to become available.

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