“Quarter 95” ridiculed the additions to the pensions of Ukrainians

«Квартал 95» высмеял надбавку к пенсиям украинцев

Studio “Kvartal 95” ridiculed the government’s decision to increase pensions by 45 UAH, and also discussed other pressing issues in Ukraine.

The new issue of “just News” published on the page of “95 Quarter” in Facebook.

In particular, in a recent issue of a humorous program Yevgeniy Koshevoy and Valery Zhidkov discuss the most pressing issues and events of the day in Ukraine.

Thus, the hosts of the show raised the issue of possible blocking informational sites and a ban on the wearing of military uniforms by the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, speculate on Ukrainian banks, and also raised the issue of increasing the minimum pension by as much as 45 UAH, which will now be 1497 UAH.

Valery Zhidkov noted that a “substantial” allowance for retirement pensioners will be able to feel except “by ear”.

Also comedians are not bypassed reservation President Poroshenko that “the elections in Ukraine will pass on October 31” and the statement of the attorney General Lutsenko about the “monopoly on violence”. Among other hot topics – the news about the arrest of a “fake” Sbushnikov employees of the security Service of Ukraine.

But the most amusing topic to discuss is the issue of the Irpin budget for 2019, which will Finance the construction of the seaport.

In particular, video new release “Pure News” signed: “did you know that in Irpin is a sea? No? We do, too.”


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