Samsung has found a way to stretch the batteries and make them elastic

Samsung нашла способ растягивать аккумуляторы и делать их эластичными

If all the predictions come true, next year will see a boom in smartphones with a flexible display. And Nubia and at all promises to wrap the screen around your hand and have already demonstrated the concept for this decision. But one flexible display for a long time to impress will not work. The next stage is to achieve the flexibility of the whole structure of a mobile phone. And here not to do without flexible components. The biggest problem is the battery. Lithium-ion technology implies a rigid structure. It battery the main restriction in creating flexible smartphones. But is it possible to achieve flexibility?

One step in this direction will be the emergence of stretchable batteries. Such a power source was invented by the team of Samsung engineers, and the company has already patented this technology. The essence of the decision, accurate information is not available, it is only said that the basis for the development of formed metal barrier and the electrodes are “wavy” shape, is capable of a bit of stretch. In theory this should allow you to bend the battery and give it any shape.

Samsung нашла способ растягивать аккумуляторы и делать их эластичными

Not to say that it’s brand new and only created technology “stretching” of the batteries. So, three years ago scientists from the University of Arizona showed that the battery is able to stretch and fold. Then experiments were conducted with a small battery embedded in wearable gadgets. A similar solution with a curved battery was showing in 2015, and Samsung. But to the production of such batteries, it never came. Perhaps now the company is close to to to establish serial production of stretchable batteries.


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