Samsung’s Find My Mobile could soon work without a network connection

Find your device (as well as back up data, erase data, and deny access to Samsung Pay). Features have now been improved and include the location of Galaxy devices that are not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile application is designed to do exactly what the name suggests: find your device (as well as back up, erase, and prohibit Samsung Pay from accessing). Now the features have been improved to include Galaxy devices that are not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

The latest update (version to the Find My Phone application includes a feature called Offline Location that allows your phone to find lost phones, watches, and headsets. Max Weinbach from XDA Developers discovered the new feature for the first time.

Previously, this application made it impossible to find your Galaxy device when the phone lost network connection. You can now use the nearby Galaxy phones to find your lost device. We don’t know the details but we will keep an eye out for the news from Samsung

See how this new feature is implemented:

After installing the latest Find My Mobile update, the user will receive a push notification of the new feature. The user will be redirected to the settings page as soon as they press the notification and this way they can activate the offline location. The offline search is not selected automatically: it must be activated in the settings. And if they are concerned about privacy, they can encrypt their offline location.

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You can install the latest version of the Find My Mobile app from the Samsung Galaxy Store or APKMirror. This new feature seems to be only available in the US and South Korea so far, and there are plans to reach more countries in the future.

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