Swedish schoolgirl refused to go to classes as the country will reduce emissions to the atmosphere (VIDEO)

Шведская школьница отказалась ходить на уроки, пока страна не сократит выбросы в атмосферу (ВИДЕО)

15-the summer schoolgirl from Sweden Greta, Tanberg made at the December UN conference on climate change.

In his speech, the girl said that world leaders all these years have behaved irresponsibly, “as children” and therefore the younger generation will have to fix their mistakes, reports the KNIFE.

Her protest began with the fact that Greta stopped going to school. She stated that she will not appear in the classroom, while the country’s authorities to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


“The strike of students” repeated Greta like-minded people in 270 cities in different countries: in Australia, the UK, Belgium, USA and Japan.

“You don’t have to organize a school strike, it’s your choice. But whether to learn for a future that may never come? It’s more important lessons, I think,” says the young activist.


Greta told The Guardian that likes to learn, and now boycotting classes only on Fridays. Instead of lessons she goes to the Swedish Parliament with a poster, urging lawmakers to think again.

Her father Svante not happy with stock daughter. He says to strike on the break.

The family of Tinbergen — the descendants of Svante August of Arrhenius, Nobel laureate in chemistry (1903), who formulated the theory of electrolytic dissociation and who first suggested the hypothesis of the greenhouse effect.


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