That’s really really from the ears: who has the longest legs in the world

Вот уж действительно от ушей: у кого самые длинные ноги в мире

Beautiful and long female feet are considered to be its main advantage. Many dream to add at least a few inches to your legs. Most of them don’t even imagine: to be a leggy girl, do not necessarily have high growth.

When the length of the legs separately is greater than half of the female growth (4-7cm), the fairer sex seems very attractive and the legs seem long. And if you wear heels, the effect will be even more pronounced.

Вот уж действительно от ушей: у кого самые длинные ноги в мире

By the way, interesting fact: girls with long legs attract men not only appearance. When a man sees a girl with a narrow and high ankle, the subconscious him a signal that she is strong, tough and agile. Thus, more temperamental in bed and successfully makes a healthy baby!

So, who’s got the longest legs in the world, and how girls cope with such a gift of nature?

The longest legs in Russia

In 2008, Russia was officially recognized as the long-legged girl – Svetlana Pankratova. The length of its legs – 1 meter 32 centimeters.

Behind her in the top of the long-legged beauties located model Nina Pylska. It is included in top-10 of women with the longest legs on the planet. The length of its legs – 1 meter 23 centimeter, with the General rise of 1 meter 93 centimeters. The girl is a student of Kostanay University, often participates in the capital of beauty contests.

Modeling job brings her money and success, as she has appropriated for title. She is recognized as the most high fashion model on the planet at the moment.

Leggy celebs

Who of Hollywood stars can boast of slim legs unimaginable lengths? One of the places of honor assigned to the American actress Daryl Hannah.

Many well-known publications and consider it one of the most beautiful Actresses, and her body is considered the best in the history of cinema. Perfect proportions are complemented by long legs – with growth of 1 meter 78 cm, feet “pulled” at 1 meter and 6 centimeters. The girl famous for his role in the legendary film “Kill bill”.

And, of course, not to mention the world-famous actress, named in honor of the Hindu goddess Uma Thurman. Literally, the name translates as “Giver of bliss” Her legs are truly ready to drive you crazy.

Quentin Tarantino has made the actress as their mascot and is not the only, but the most famous fan of the lower limbs of the girl. The size of her feet – 41, but the length, height 1 meter 80 cm – 1 meter and 8 centimeters! Here too, one feet do from the ears.

Among athletes

Вот уж действительно от ушей: у кого самые длинные ноги в мире

She had the honorary title of “First racket of the world” and is the only girl from the Russian Federation, which played in the final of the Grand slam tournament 5 times, and three times received the gold medal. It is, of course, about Maria Sharapova. In addition to all his accomplishments, she is also the owner of the longest legs among female athletes.

With the growth of 1 meter 88 centimeters leg girls reach a length of 1 metre 21 cm. By the way, the girl also designed the most beautiful athlete in the world in 2006, making it a desirable object for photo shoots of many companies, not only domestic but also foreign.

Among the models

Вот уж действительно от ушей: у кого самые длинные ноги в мире

The owner of the sexiest legs, according to many experts, and people looking for a model, became Eva Herzigova. This girl is a growth of 1 meter 80 centimeters has legs in length of 1 meter 12 centimeters! In the modeling business, the beauty was quite by accident. When she was otyhali on vacation in Prague she was only 16 years old. In the capital of Prague it is, on the advice of a friend, I went to the casting, where she started her modeling path.

Adriana Sklenarikova model of Slovakia, which in the early 2000-ies was recognized as the most long-legged model. With the growth of 1 meter 78 cm her legs was 1 metre 21.5 inches. She long remained the owner of the title, what this fact even registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Long legs brought the girl not only cash contracts and success in career, but also personal happiness – futbollit Christian of us and Canada was dumped on the spot by the beauty of Slovak girls and her long legs, and soon married her.

Nadya Auermann – model and actress in one person. Its growth is two centimeters taller than the previous girl, and legs in length of 1 meter 22 centimeter. In the late 90s she was in the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest legs.

But in 2001 the place the Book took Sam Stacey as the winner of the most long and slender legs. With the growth of 1 meter 80 centimeters, her legs have a length of 1 meter 27.6 inches.

The longest legs to date

Вот уж действительно от ушей: у кого самые длинные ноги в мире

The question of who has the longest legs, today you can respond to only so – Svetlana Pankratova. Not only is she the winner of the title of the longest legs in Russia, but all over the world. Their length reaches 1 meter and 32 centimetres, height 1 meter 96 centimeters.

The girl is professionally engaged in basketball, having started its journey in the homeland – in Russia, and continuing the development of sports career in America. To date, the record holder lives in Spain, where he works in real estate.

She was born in the city of Volgograd on 29 April 1971. The growth of girls to become different from the other in kindergarten, after all, among the pupils she was the tallest. In childhood and adolescence the girl suffered a lot because of the length of their legs, and too tall. Yes, and the girl’s mother often would spend hours looking for the right clothes for her.

Started to exercise by enrolling in a club team, where it was noticed by the basketball coaches. In 2002, a friend of Amy noticed that I have never seen such long legs like hers. And so it was actually, and in 2008 in the Guinness Book of Records in nomination “the longest legs in the world” appeared the name of Svetlana Pankratova.

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