The Bali hotel forbade guests to use smartphones

In one of the hotels on the popular among tourists Indonesian island of Bali, allow guests to the pool only under condition of refusal of the smartphone and other gadgets.

Отель на Бали запретил гостям пользоваться смартфонами

Interested in the fact that guests spend their time solely on rest and relaxation, the owners Ayana Resort & Spa has launched a special campaign In the Moment. According to its rules, all electronic devices, from smartphones to cameras – it is forbidden to use in the huge pool, River Pool, writes Lonely Planet.

According to representatives of the resort, the idea is to create a place of tranquillity where guests can really relax and enjoy the moment.

To facilitate the guests with parting with gadgets, the hotel installed the appropriate informational labels, as well as lockers for safe storage of electronic devices.

Guests will enjoy the old-fashioned way, playing various Board games: chess, cards, jenga or Sudoku.

Ban the hotel operates from 09:00 to 17:00. To sit at the pool with a smartphone, or take pictures within two hours before the start of the restriction and two hours after.

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