Ukraine will return to the Kerch Strait: Poltorak called the condition

The rejection of the Kerch Strait will mean that Russia occupied the sea of Azov, said the Minister of defence

Украина вернется в Керченский пролив: Полторак назвал условие

Ukraine does not intend to abandon the use of the Kerch Strait in the interests of its warships and naval forces. About this on air of the TV channel Direct said the defense Minister Stepan Poltorak.

He stressed that Ukraine has not violated clauses of any contract.

“We acted exactly the same as before. But we will not give up our right to pass through the Kerch Strait and our right to be present in the sea of Azov”, — said the head of the defense Ministry.

The Minister of defence said that the Navy, when they are ready to resume use of the Kerch Strait.

“When we’re ready to conduct the next hop for the rotation of our units, we will make the same passages with the implementation of all international norms and rights. By this time, I think international pressure on Russia will let them know that they’re not fulfilling international obligations,” he said.

Poltorak believes that Ukraine cannot afford to abandon the use of the Kerch Strait — “it would mean that Russia occupied the sea of Azov”.

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